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RPM Clawz 2.2 varied Wheelbase Wheels, Chrome

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>>> RPM Clawz 2 2 varied Wheelbase <<<

RPM Clawz 2 2 varied Wheelbase

Warrantry :

Warranty Terms and Restrictions:

Feature :

  • Designed to help to make top use of durability
  • Replaces weaker stock components
  • Proudly made in the USA

Details :

At RPM, we found the wonderful blend of design, material and weight to bring you the the vast majority of beneficial looking, strongest crawler wheels on the current advertise that are guaranteed not to break! RPM wheels are made from our killer blend of nylons and are on the current advertise in a molded black finish and a higher luster chrome finish.

On RPM chrome versions, the tire bonding parts are prestripped of the chrome to confirm the right bonding of the tire to the wheel.

We also strip the finish out of the hex disk hard drive area as totally to assure precise hex-to-wheel fits! The flow throughout type of our wheels methods no perhaps even significantly more dirt build up on the in of (or outside) of the wheels which facilitates retain tire balance and prevents unsprung weight to a minimum.

To Break! RPM Wheels Are Made From Our Killer Blend Of Nylons And Are readily available In A Molded Black Finish And A higher Luster Chrome Finish.

On RPM Chrome Versions,