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RASTAR 1/24 range BMW I8 broadcast remote control Sport Racing auto RC,Silver

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>>> RASTAR 1 24 range BMW I8 broadcast <<<

RASTAR 1 24 range BMW I8 Radio

Feature :

  • BMW I8 rural a broadcast radio sta rc auto or truck rural Distance 30-40m, Speed: 8-10 kmph
  • Full usefulness a broadcast radio sta dea rc auto or truck (Forward and Backward, move Left and Right).
  • BMW RC auto or truck Requires 3 AA strength for Car, rural dea requires 2 AA Battery (both not Included).
  • Officially Licensed BMW rc auto or truck Model.

    Not for infants under 3 yrs
  • Doesn't job on carpet.

    desires a flat surface.

Details :

The BMW logo and the BMW wordmark are trademarks of BMW AG and are used under License.

OPERATION lead for BMW rc family group auto :
- Pls open the sport bike helmet and put 3PCS of AA vitality into the RC family group auto according to its polarity,then close the lid.
-Pls open the sport bike helmet and put 2PCS of AA vitality according to its polarity,then close and screw the lid.
Push the switch to the on position on the BMW faraway rc car,and it can be operating.
Adjust the direction resetting switch to manage the Vehicles performing in a straightline.

Different type of vitality or new and used vitality are not to be mixed.Exhausted vitality are to be removed from the toy.
Batteries should be replaced by an adult.Batteries are to be inserted by using the correct polarity.the supply terminals are not to be short-circuited.

Remarking:As it is a hobby RC family group auto and require customer to manage it carefully,it may be knocked broken if out of control.
It is very important to require on careful and prevent the family group auto from dropping out or crash.

Pls phone phone us if any question about BMW RC family group auto by email.we can help fix the problem.

And Put 2PCS Of AA batteries According To Its Polarity,then Close And Screw The Lid.
Push The Switch To The On Position On The BMW remote Rc Car,and It Can Be Operating.
Adjust The Direction adaptation Switch To control The Vehicles jogging In A Straightline.

Different Type Of batteries Or New And Used batteries Are Not To Be Mixed.Exhausted batteries Are To Be Removed From The Toy.
Batteries Should Be Replaced By An Adult.Batteries Are To Be Inserted together with The Correct Polarity.the Supply Terminals Are Not To Be Short-circuited.

Remarking:As It Is A Hobby RC auto And Require Customer To control It Carefully,it May Be Knocked Broken If Out Of Control.
It Is Very Important To require Careful And Prevent The auto From Dropping Out Or Crash.

Pls communication Us If Any Question About BMW RC auto By Email.we Can Help Fix The Problem.