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Metakoo RC household car Off path substantial quickness 40km/h 1/12 dimensions 2.4GHz 80M remote command 4WD speedy Race household car Electric Buggy Hobby household car Model S911 - Blue

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>>> Metakoo RC household car path substantial quickness <<<

Metakoo RC household car path substantial Speed

Feature :

  • 2.4GHz broadcast system ready to race.

    total proportion 1/12 dimensions Max 42Km/H 2WD superior quickness monster truck.
  • Damping system & simulation of plastic tires are furnished using waterproof and stable performance, considerably alot more helpful in skid resistance
  • Anti-interference, several RC automobile competitive while with the same time and place.

    using a robust motor, the quickness to 30MPH, a real experience.

    Shock Suspension system considerably alot more helpful protect truck.
  • With Hi-Q plastic wheels, chains, superb experience.

    Respective parts of earth, grass or sand ground.
  • Four-wheel independent suspension system & Tri-axial differential for superior handling and control

Details :

Metakoo RC Cars S911 Off highway Vehicle substantial functionality 40km/h 1/12 continuum 80M universa command 2WD short Race Truck 2.4GHz Electric Buggy Hobby continuous-duty motor unit vehicle

Feature: Stylish and Steady Shell
The Shell is made of high-toughness and explosion-proof PVC.

Powerful continuous-duty motor unit & Tri-axial Differential Technology
Completed using an electric brushless 390 continuous-duty motor unit and 2.4 Ghz a radio stations network system.

Tri-axial Differential concept assistance a stable genera to this substantial functionality 40km/h RC car.

Damping System & Shock Absorbers Technology
4 wheels independence suspension system for superior handling and control.

Damping system & shock absorbers concept prolong the your daily life span of RC car.

High-capacity Lithium Battery
The device is equipped using 7.4V 700mAh rechargeable lithium batteries.

The charging time is about 1 hour which can offer 10 minutes for playing.

Radio Band:24GHz a radio stations network command System
Charging Time:1 hour
Playing time:10 minutes
Control Distance:80M
Car Battery:7.4V 800mA Li-ion battery
Control Battery: 2*AA Battery (Not included)

1 x S911 continuous-duty motor unit vehicle
1 x universa Controller
1 x Charger
1 x 800mAh continuous-duty motor unit vehicle Battery
1 x User instructions

Completed with An Electric Brushless 390 motor unit And 2.4 Ghz radio stations System.

Tri-axial Differential solutions assist A Stable functionality To This substantial quickness 40km/h RC Car.

Damping System & Shock Absorbers Technology
4 Wheels Independence Suspension System For Superior Handling And Control.

System & Shock Absorbers solutions Prolong The daily life Span Of RC Car.

High-capacity Lithium Battery
The Device Is Equipped with 7.4V 700mAh Rechargeable Lithium Batteries.

The Charging Time Is About 1 Hour Which Can Offer 10 Minutes For Playing.

Band:24GHz radio stations command System
Charging Time:1 Hour
Playing Time:10 Minutes
Control Distance:80M
Car Battery:7.4V 800mA Li-ion Battery
Control Battery: 2*AA Battery (Not Included)

1 X S911 household car
1 X remote Controller
1 X Charger
1 X 800mAh household car Battery
1 X User manually operated