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Axial RR10 Bomber 4x4 Ready-to-Run the airwaves Controlled 1/10 range Four-Wheel trave Electric-Powered Truck

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>>> Axial RR10 Bomber 4x4 Ready operated <<<

Axial RR10 Bomber 4x4 Ready Run

Warrantry :

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Feature :

  • The involved lumination weight gentle weight aluminum King Shocks attribute perfection machined pistons which offer actually overal throughout the assortment of travel.
  • Our significant strength composite plastic tube frame chassis is impact tolerant to help protect the RR10 from crash damage.
  • BFGoodrich Baja T/A KR2 tires in S30 compound wrapped near officially licensed 2.2 Walker Evans Racing wheels.
  • All metal gear transmission (48P and 32P) and a the almost all set of ball bearings for strength and efficiency.
  • Includes RR10 Bomber using motor, ESC, 3-channel radio, tires, wheels, in family home detail, and direction manual

Details :

The Axial RR10 Bomber is a replica of the Bomber Fab KOH rock racing rig, with a front mounted battery crate whitening tray under the hood making for basic obtain and weight right where you want it! The skid food provides a centralized location for the electronics by using really fresh wire routing and an RR10 specified exchange predicament for optimal driveline efficiency.

We've also enclosed a extensive set of BFGoodrich BAJA T/A KR2 tires alongside by using a spare in the back, wrapped al officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels.

We've enclosed a diversity of shock mounting points for working twice shock setups and much a great dea suspension tuning options.

For additional rear suspension tuning, you'll find a sway bar mount connected to the cage, under the fuel cell (sway bar bought separately).

Officially licensed metal King Shocks aspect preciseness machined pistons which offer consistent effectiveness throughout the span of travel.

Standard features involve durable front and rear WB8 HD Wildboar driveshafts, front and rear AR60 axles, a twice slipper clutch, Hi-Lo transmission by using all metal colon gears, a 3-channel the airwaves stations system, realistic span details as molded motorist figures, three pairs of helmets, molded shock reservoirs, a fuel cell, Bomber Fabrication body panels and graphics, and a fully licensed span tube chassis.


  • Easy component access
  • Low COG and correct suspension geometry for optimal handling
  • Full tube frame
  • Updated skid food for Yeti Rear suspension and Yeti-derived transmission
  • 4WD
  • Licensed Walker Evans wheels and BFG KO2 Tires
  • AR60 front and rear axles
  • Strong 32P gearing for high-torque applications
  • Licensed metal King Shocks
  • 56T Spur Gear, 12T Pinion
  • Waterproof receiver box
  • Dual slipper clutch design
  • Lexan dwelling by using molded motorist figure
  • Forward-mounted basic obtain battery tray
  • New steering knuckles and twice shear captured tie rods
  • New link mounts, added position for twice shocks/sway bar
  • New differential covers
  • Output for multi-axle AR60 builds
  • WB8-HD Driveshafts
  • RR-10 specified Hi-Lo transmission
  • Drivetrain mounted to new RR10-specific skid food and electronics assembly
  • Optional 2-speed servo mount enclosed for use by using the standalone AX31181 set
  • Machined metal polished shock bodies by using King Blue plastic components and super-soft blue springs
  • Optional mounts for twice shocks front and rear


  • 2S or 3S LiPo battery
  • ESC (electronic accelerate controller to accommodate selected battery)
  • Compatible charger
  • (4) AA batteries
  • Track and maintenance equipment


  • Length: 22.4 inches (570 millimeters)
  • Width: 11 inches (280 millimeters)
  • Height: 9 inches (230 millimeters)
  • Weight: 6.25 pounds (2.83 kilograms)
  • Wheelbase: 14.75 inches (375 millimeters)
  • Ground Clearance: 2.8 inches (72 millimeters)

Officially Licensed gentle weight aluminum King Shocks capabilities perfection Machined Pistons Which Offer simple capabilities Throughout The span Of Travel.

Standard Features contain Durable Front And Rear WB8 HD Wildboar Driveshafts, Front And Rear AR60 Axles, A combined Slipper Clutch, Hi-Lo Transmission with All Metal colon Gears, A 3-channel the airwaves System, Realistic range Details which include Molded drivers Figures, Three Pairs Of Helmets, Molded Shock Reservoirs, A Fuel Cell, Bomber Fabrication Body Panels And Graphics, And A Fully Licensed range Tube Chassis.


  • Easy Component Access
  • Low COG And Correct Suspension Geometry For Optimal Handling
  • Full Tube Frame
  • Updated Skid menu For Yeti Rear Suspension And
Yeti-derived Transmission
  • 4WD
  • Licensed Walker Evans Wheels And BFG KO2 Tires
  • AR60 Front And Rear Axles
  • Strong 32P Gearing For High-torque Applications
  • Licensed gentle weight aluminum King Shocks
  • 56T Spur Gear, 12T Pinion
  • Waterproof Receiver Box
  • Dual Slipper Clutch Design
  • Lexan inside with Molded drivers Figure
  • Forward-mounted straightforward obtain Battery Tray
  • New Steering Knuckles And two times Shear Captured Tie Rods
  • New Link Mounts, Added Position For combined Shocks/sway Bar
  • New Differential Covers
  • Output For Multi-axle AR60 Builds
  • WB8-HD Driveshafts
  • RR-10 exact Hi-Lo Transmission
  • Drivetrain Mounted To New RR10-specific Skid menu And Electronics
  • Assembly
  • Optional 2-speed Servo Mount presented For Use with The standalone AX31181 Set
  • Machined gentle weight aluminum Polished Shock Bodies with King Blue Plastic Components And Super-soft Blue Springs
  • Optional Mounts For combined Shocks Front And Rear
  • Requirements:

    • 2S Or 3S LiPo Battery
    • ESC (electronic acceleration Controller To complement Selected Battery)
    • Compatible Charger
    • (4) AA Batteries
    • Track And Maintenance Equipment


    • Length: 22.4 Inches (570 Millimeters)
    • Width: 11 Inches (280 Millimeters)
    • Height: 9 Inches (230 Millimeters)
    • Weight: 6.25 Pounds (2.83 Kilograms)
    • Wheelbase: 14.75 Inches (375 Millimeters)
    • Ground Clearance: 2.8 Inches (72 Millimeters)