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Augenblick 1/18 scale Electric RC auto Off-road Vehicle RTR 2.4Ghz 4WD All-Weather R/C Bigfoot SUV Electric Master Rock Crawler Buggy Hobby auto effective Race Truck Ready To Run

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>>> Augenblick 1 18 scale Electric <<<

Augenblick 1 18 scale Electric

Feature :

  • 1 rather extensive far off regulate Distant : alot more than 100 meters far off regulate distant, amazing! 2.4Ghz can endure diverse cars playing by using the same time; Equipped by using the help of 4.8V 700mAh rechargeable batteries; The charging time is about 4-5hours which can offer 30-35 minutes for playing.
  • 2 Completed by using the help of an electric blown 390 motor, 2.4Ghz the airwaves train station system, comprehensive Proportional 4WD Brush monster truck .Maximum swiftness 25 km/h .4 wheels has their own independent spiral spring.


    Suspension know-how for superior handling and regulate is ready to jog right out of the box
  • 3 Amazing crawling know-how and tough shocks can come up with it basic to use on hardy roads or off road, and climbing complete pebbles and large stones not having effecting its performance.Oversize tires can come up with it basic to use in Mud, Shallow Water, Grass, Paving, or road.Big Wheels, wonderful anti-shock Performance
  • 4 basic process by using the help of versatile far off Controller: rather extensive far off controlling distance by using the help of diverse actions want forward, backward, left turning, right turning, acceleration, slowing down, braking, drifting, etc..

    It is so exciting that every baby will want it
  • 5 2.4GHz the airwaves train station regulate System for Uninterrupted, Interference-Free Driving, Race diverse Cars by using the Same Time, Body Color Striped Wheels by using the help of Premium, by using the help of the circuit board owing a overheating protection receive the job done .this vehicle has rather extensive efficiency life.

Details :

* The significant superior high-quality ABS material is beneficial for climbing, also leads the anti-throw ability. 
* PVC plastic wheels are soft, elastic,shockproof and antiskid. 
* by using suspension spring of equally man or woman wheel, the auto is sprinting more safe.  * large torque can help the rally auto show more on the ground. 
* good bi-motor enhance the climbing force power; can operate on the sand, grass and marshy land,finish lots of difficult mobility easily. 
* The stable structure is protecting itself from abrasion and crash. 
* 4 wheel driving auto are more stable and faster. 
* 2.4GHz frequency ensures the good anti-jamming capability.
* The direction trimmer for the duration of the bottom of the auto helps make it sprinting a straight line.

• Product Size: 24.6 X 13.3 X 15.5cm
• the airwaves stations Freqency: 2.4GHZ RC System
• dea Distance: 10-100m
• Charging Time: 4-5 hours (The primary impose for the duration of least 6 hours)
• Material: Plastic Materials, Metal, Rubber, Electronic Components
• Function: Move forward, backward, left, right, which can operate on sand, smaller stones and diverse rugged 
1 x Off-Road Rock Crawler
1 x Transmitter(1.5V*3 Battery Not Include)
1 x Rechargeable Battery(For RC auto Include)
1 x Charger 
1 x User Manual

Battery type : Nickel cadmium battery .(Battery watt hour (Wh) measurement : 3.36 Wh .

Packaging .

details : standalone .Battery weight :40g
• previous to using, fully impose the battery or use new battery, be sure that all functions are normal;(Light Red for charging,Green for OK)
• continue to have away from fire sources,high temperature and norma environment,Avoid damaging the electronic components
• Kindly remind you that you are supposed to dea the RC auto carefully.

It'll probably be broken if out of control
• Not suitable for young children under 8 years old and Carefully go as a result of the suggestions previous to use

Structure Is Protecting Itself From Abrasion And Crash. 
* 4 Wheel Driving auto Are more Stable And Faster. 
* 2.4GHz Frequency Ensures The good Anti-jamming Capability.
* The Direction Trimmer on The Bottom Of The auto preserves It operating A Straight Line.

• Product Size: 24.6 X 13.3 X 15.5cm
• the airwaves Freqency: 2.4GHZ RC System
• manipulate Distance: 10-100m
• Charging Time: 4-5 Hours (The primary fee on Least
6 Hours)
• Material: Plastic Materials, Metal, Rubber, Electronic Components
• Function: Move Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Which Can managed On Sand, compact Stones And diverse Rugged 
1 X Off-Road Rock Crawler
1 X Transmitter(1.5V*3 Battery Not Include)
1 X Rechargeable Battery(For RC auto Include)
1 X Charger 
1 X User Manual

Battery Type : Nickel Cadmium Battery .(Battery Watt Hour (Wh) Measurement : 3.36 Wh .


Details : Standalone .Battery Weight :40g
• before Using, Fully fee The Battery Or Use New Battery, assure That All Functions Are Normal;(Light Red For Charging,Green For OK)
• have Away From Fire Sources,high Temperature And norma Environment,Avoid Damaging The Electronic Components
• Kindly Remind You That You Are Supposed To manipulate The RC auto Carefully.

It'll Probably Be Broken If Out Of Control
• Not Suitable For children Under 8 Years Old And Carefully learn The guidance before Use